All-In-One AI Software For Digital Agencies

Saving Digital Agencies One Proposal at a Time

Taffy Tree was designed for digital agencies. It's got everything you need to manage successful projects and AI tools at every step.

What is Taffy Tree?

Frustrated with software, we built tools to manage our agency with AI. Our work has been too good not to share.

Brad Jones

Carefully Crafted

Turns out, Money Does Grow on Trees

Win new clients with AI proposals.

Add line items and Statements of Work using AI, then with a click, generate dazzling PDFs for presentation. Once your project gets a thumbs-up, you're all set for work to kick off. Brilliant.

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From Bulb to Bloom

Your files, documents, tasks – all in one place.

It's not a stretch. Our platform keeps everything together, creating a new, efficient way to get work done.

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AI Integrated

AI for Agencies

Whether drafting a proposal, a project update or tackling troublesome tasks. See the future of digital when you try Taffy Tree's AI assistants.

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A Vanilla CRM

Taffy Tree took the CRM and made it simple. No annoying options or complicated setup, just the basics – that's just the way we like it.

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Pro Proposals

Knock our your proposals in minutes with the help of AI and creative tags. Render perfect PDFs everytime and always on brand while building a repeatable process.

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Another subscription? Nope, it's included so get those clients signing contracts or other imporant documentation with only a few clicks. No need to pay for third-party esignature.

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Get Tasks Done

We built our task engine from scratch. Full control and easy scope-creep monitoring makes sure you don't lose money giving away free client hours.

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Dynamic Documents

We love all the great document tools out there. But lets face it, documents are best when they can be found, and are where you'd expect them to be. 

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