Task Dashboard

Your tasks focused and outlined for you at ludicrous speed.

Organize Your Day

The task dashboard is a new way to complete tasks that works just as well for both users and project managers.

With the LokCRM task dashboard you can quickly toggle views to get your work for the day, week, month or year at a glance and in an instant.

Focus Your Tasks

Any task can be marked as a focused item giving it a special toggle for easy access on the dashboard.

We're already seeing users who focus tasks for their first half of the day, their entire week's work, or simply focus one task a time to prevent distraction.

Filter Whats Important

Several filters allow you to quickly sort tasks by client, date range project due date and more.

Project managers can quickly review the entirety of a project at a glance and easily switch back to get their own work done.

Step Your Way to Success

If you're assigned multiple to do's on a task, we'll group those together and keep the rest out of your way. This gives an all new type of clarity on what you're working on and helps prevent you from getting further distracted.

More Features

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