SOW Tools

Define project details in your proposals and contracts by using statement of work sections.

You can even pre-build statements that apply your services and automate the scope of work creation in your proposals.

  • Outline project details in proposals and contracts with SOW sections
  • Pre-build statements for streamlined proposal creation
  • Automate SOW creation in proposals


In your statements, you can specify any number of client contacts and assign roles or responsibilities as needed.

This can include defining who is responsible for specific tasks, identifying the parties involved in the contract, or any other relevant information.


Deliverables provide a clear outline of what the client can expect to receive from the project. You can include as much detail as desired, or just cover the essential points.

Project Timeline

Gone are the days of manually creating timelines. With LokCRM, you can easily add dates to your tasks and a complete timeline for the statement of work will be generated automatically.

Flexible SOW Creation

Statements of work can be tailored to fit the needs of each project. If a certain section doesn't apply, it can be left out, and added back in if necessary.