Benefits Of Taffy Tree

Let's Build Your AI-Driven Growth Machine

Join in on our customizable, business solutions made for your very own growth journey. Don't get left in the dust — grow together alongside intuitive and friendly AI software.

AI Is Changing Business

Boost efficiency with AI assistants, and swift eSignatures

Taffy Tree was built from the ground up taking advantage of AI enhancements at every corner speeding up all aspects operations.

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  • AI Everywhere
  • AI Personas
  • Magic Prompts
  • AI Estimations

Document and Data Handling

Get control of your files for better data management

Create documents, themes, spreadsheets, and manage your file uploads with ease.

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  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • File Management

Project and Proposal Management

Optimize your projects, proposals, and reporting

Say goodbye to the painful experience of proposal creation and unwieldy documentation. 

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  • Milestones
  • Proposals & Quotes
  • Reporting
  • Statement of Work

Solutions Integrated

Boost efficiency with esignature and upcoming billing features

We're always at work adding new, and and intuitive features for scaling your business. 

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  • Revisions
  • Esignature
  • Scope Creep Monitor