Taffy Tree Onboarding

You'll work with a Taffy Tree specialist who is dedicated to setting up your account and making sure you get up and running in no time.

  • Starter
    One on One Training
    Coming Soon
    Training & Setup
    • Introduction Call
    • Training Session x2
    • Line Items Setup
    • Proposal Template Setup
  • Best Deal
    One on One Onboarding
    Coming Soon
    Training, Setup, & Priority Support
    • Introduction Call
    • Training Session x3
    • Line Items Setup
    • Proposal Template Setup
    • Tagging Setup
    • Fast Proposal Training
    • Custom Document Template x1
    • Priority Support (1 Year)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long before the onboarding begins?

    We will reach out within 1-2 business days (or sooner) after your payment is made to schedule your onboarding call and training sessions.

  • Can I pay for onboarding during a trial?

    Yes. It can be helpful for some to fully realize what the platform can do before making a yearly commitment. We recommend trying the starter onboarding if you’re unsure.

  • Can I get a refund for onboarding?

    Unfortunatley there are no refunds with onboarding purchase. Onboarding takes substaintial upfront time and custom creation of many areas to be successful. If you have any concerns about onboarding steps we will work with you to correct them.

  • What is priority support?

    Priority support puts your support requests at the top of list, every-time. This ensures you always have your questions answered timely. We’ll also connect you to a special Discord channel exclusive to those who’ve onboarded.

  • What does document creation include?

    We will create a custom document theme for your business. This is a fully custom theme built for you. You can supply the design of the document and we will work to match it as closely as possible.

  • What is the fast proposal training?

    A special training session that walks you through creating nearly instant proposals. We will work with you and your style of creating projects to train you in Taffy Tree to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible.