Benefits Of Taffy Tree

Your Agency with AI

Learn how Taffy Tree can optimize your day-to-day through AI

Integrated AI

Fly Through Work With AI

Taffy Tree integrates AI through the entire platform. Quickly find answers to your questions, help with math, definitions or anything you can think of.

AI Assisted – Well, Everything

Use AI to help with mundane tasks or writers block. Writing a project update and not sure where to start? AI can help with just about anything.

Save countless hours on a monthly basis.


Get Your Billing Back Under Control

Help clients stay informed on what's due. Setup payment schedules and keep on top of what's owed.

Client not paying or holding up their agreement? Quickly pause the work on the entire project with a single click. Your in control of what gets done and when.

Note: The billing portal is currently under active development and is expected in Q2 2023. 


eSignature Without Limits

LokCRM's built-in electronic signature feature simplifies the contract process, allowing you to easily send and manage signature requests at no additional cost and with no limits.

  • Built-in electronic signatures
  • No extra costs or limits
  • Unlimited use

Magical Automation

Upon signing a contract, your proposal will be transformed into an active project without the need for any additional steps or wasted time.

  • Simplified starting project process
  • Immediate conversion of proposal to project upon signature
  • No unnecessary steps or wasted time