Our Roots

About Us

Two friends with a mission to build the all-in-one business app. 





The Taffy Tree Story

When we saw AI in action back in 2022, we knew that businesses were going to change, and change fast. We got to work and in 2023, we had a custom platform that we could call our own and help shape the future of AI assistants.

We began our adventure with our own agency, Carefully Crafted in late 2022. We dove into creating software that would manage our business the way we'd always dreamed. That result became Taffy Tree. A product forged from 40 years of combined industry experience. Built with AI at the foundation and battle tested against projects of all types. We knew we had created something special.

We're now in a position to help teach and show agencies how to do their best alongside AI tools and processes. The benefits, efficiencies, and enhancements are simply too much to ignore.

Built by Two

What might be the most amazing thing about Taffy Tree is that it was built by two. No teams of developers, and no interference with every decision made. We were able to be fast and nimble, making big decisions in half the time while incorporating our years of knowledge and expertise. Taffy Tree served our own agency and allowed us to grow (or: uncommonly / extremely) fast in our first year of business.

Why Taffy Tree?

Taffy Tree comes from our innate love for sweet things, the nostalgic charm of growing up on an apple orchard, and the satisfaction and reward that comes from hard work.

Great things grow from passion, process, and persistance. That's the core of Taffy Tree and how it helps us. It can do the same for you - we'll show you how.