Create A Project

Follow the outline below to create your first project.

Start with the proposal

A project starts as a proposal (a plan) and creating our project starts with the proposal. We call this “proposal out”. Learn more about proposal out.

Start by clicking the proposals menu item.

To create a proposal simply click on the “Proposals” section on the main sidebar navigation menu. From here you’ll be able to click the “New Proposal” button in green in the top right.

You’ll be prompted to enter the name of the proposal. This can be changed later. We recommend deciding on what name makes sense for the project before it’s ready. Once you’ve entered the name, you’ll be taken to the proposal editing screen.

Prepping the project in the proposal stage

Since we’re already in a proposal, it’s not a bad idea to think through the things you’ll need to make your project successful.

This could be any combination of things like line items, statements of work, tasks, documents, files, billing, or clients sign-off. You can plan in as much detail or as little as you like while in the proposal stage.

We recommend using this time to plan out project tasks and work that needs to be completed ahead of time. The more planning you do now, the easier the project will be to manage later. Try adding a couple task groups and tasks to get things moving.

If you’d like to learn more about tasks and groups, click here to visit the tasks help documentation.

Finalizing the proposal and creating the project

There isn’t much required to complete a proposal, but there are many options available. A proposal requires only a name and a contact or customer before it can be moved into the project phase.

Required Proposal Fields

  1. Name of Proposal/Project
  2. Contact/Customer

If all you entered was a proposal name and contact, that would be enough to start a minimum project. Clicking on the “Convert to Project” button in the top right of the proposal editing screen will immediately move the proposal into the project section, and you can begin work.