Benefits Of Taffy Tree

Data Handling

Seamlessly create documents, themes, and spreadsheets while effortlessly managing your file uploads. Gain control over your files for superior data management that enhances your overall experience!


Dynamic Documents

Introducing a powerful new document upgrade. Insert dynamic data and create custom themes to make flexible documents like you've never seen.

  • Proposals, Contracts, SOW’s
  • Social Media Proof Templates
  • Presentations
  • Marketing Documents

Dynamic Data

Easily insert dynamic data blocks. With dynamic data, you can build templates, proposals, quotes and more.

Dynamic blocks make it simple to insert live project data like tasks in a project and show their status.


Variables make templating even more dynamic. Project names, contact names, dates and more are available for quick use.

  • Insert variables like First Name “”
  • Current date “”

Custom Themes

Create your own themes with CSS and HTML. Design your documents, your way. Perfect for reporting, proposals, contracts and more.

Don't know how to use CSS or HTML? That's okay, browse our theme gallery for pre-built themes and we'll automatically apply your company logo.

File Management

Upload and Go

Upload files with ease. Every task and client has their own dedicated file section. Quickly locate the files you need and filter out everything else.

  • Files automatically attach to appropriate clients
  • Easily sort and filter files

Quick Tagging

Keep files organized by client, project, task, user, date, tag and more. Easily rename, describe or add custom file labels as needed.

  • Tag files for quick access

Built in Editor

The latest and smoothest editing experience. Easily edit, crop, correct, and annotate your files with the click of a button.

  • Edit, crop, color correct and more
  • Annotate with ease
  • Redact private information